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Money seems to be currency for everything nowadays. Everythings works and it is surrounded by money. All we do in life seems to be targeting a good quality life, and by a good quality life we mean a fat bank account. It is time for you to stop and imagine for a moment that money does not exist and think about your current life, about everything you do each day, each week and all you have done over the last couple of years and ask yourself, would you change anything? Is this the lifestyle you always wanted to have? What you do makes you really happy?

Maybe it is not necessary to tell you what people are capable of to get some money. Let´s not talk about anything criminal but wasting your life doing something you do not like or worst, hate, in order to get rich or hope to get rich is a crime itself. Give your life to the desire of having things, to earn money to spend on things you think will make you happy it a huge waste of time, energy and health that you will not recover ever again and that money won´t be able to buy.

Having just one life to live your mark in History or fulfill your dreams is a precious gift to ignore and to give to the net of enterprises and companies that want your time and knowledge. All the people follow a determined lifestyle that promise to lead us into a happier existence, instead what we really do is settling with unsatisfactory lives design by society standards. You cannot reduce your life to a job that gives just the right money to pay your bills because you have become a debt slave. You have to open your life and find out the truth about money and change your lifestyle.


Sometimes, even though it might sound creepy, it seems like people live in this kind of Matrix where everyone thinks they have free will and they own their lives when everything they do, wear, work on, buy, etc is predetermines by several stereotypes in society, created to have a better control of all activities, labeling is more easy that understanding every singularity. A twist in your life must be done and you have to understand that no one´s tomorrow is safe, even if they have a lot of money.

Nowadays money has become something almost untouchable. Even though we have cash, the biggest amounts of money are not handling physically but virtually. Take for example the stock market. Many people everyday go to this chaotic market to bet on something they cannot hold and that goes away in a split of a second, money is likely not yours and in quantities you would not be able to handle or spend.

We cannot lie to each other and say that money is the devil and that you should quit to it. Money is the exchange element for everything, for food, services, transport, etc. But it is more of a tool that a goal, having money for the sake of having money seems pointless, what that money can get you is a whole different story.

Money is not a vast resource; it is just one that sets order in a chaotic society through capitalism. The possession and accumulation of capital determines who has more power inside the system. What this does not guarantee is a happy and satisfactory life.

All the choices we make in life are targeted to the accumulation of wealth. From an early age we are taught and told that ultimate success is to have a lot of money. We are not told to follow our dreams or to have integrity or to guarantee our health, or maybe we are, but all of this has to have a profit and a big one. Since you start studying, all your choices aimed towards money, you want to do anything that will make you rich, it does not matter if it is something really simple or if you do not use what you studied for, as long as it gives you money it is ok.


Another wrong choice is to pick a degree just for the money. Maybe you want to save to then do what you always wanted to, which is ok, but what if you never make it? Working for a company it means working for someone else´s dreams. You need to set your goals and think very well about who and what do you want to do in life.

There is another obstacle in all of this. Even if you get the job you want and you are getting pay well enough, you see yourself in the middle of all the products publicity and companies tells to buy. There are many things we need to live and that are extremely useful for our daily routines: washing machines, clothing, shoes, cars, kitchens, etc, but there are some things that simply are useless for us but publicity makes you want it because it is not only about having it, it is also about an idea, a lifestyle, a place you need to belong to.

All this material stuff makes you spend over your budget and get you debts that you will have to pay by working more in the company you do not like. It may sound all a little exaggerate and put us in a victim position. The truth is that this position can be avoided by ourselves and ourselves alone. We have the control of our lives and we do get to pick what we want, maybe it will always be an underneath structure that determines everything but we still have a choice.

The point of all this it is not to make you hate money and live from faith. The point it to make you realize money is a tool not a goal. Wasting your life trying to make some money to buy things you probably in order to impress people you do not care much about is just not so clever. Make your plans and take advantage of your capacities and abilities to build your ideal life.

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