Why Central America grows with the drop in the oil prices?

The crisis of the oil prices by an oversupply situation globally and the return of the country of Iran to the markets has hurt several countries in Latin America, as in the case of the country of Mexico Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador, while reducing the demand for the raw materials by the country of China has done the same in some of these countries and also in Argentina and Chile.

The climate change factors hindering the growth of the economy of most of the Latin American countries whose dynamism of the exports is concentrated in the agricultural products is also added, and is expected to decline in terms of quality and quantity by the negative impacts of the climatic phenomena.

However, the reality is not the same for all the countries of the continent and while some others lose there there are others who benefit.In particular, this good streak touched most of the Central American countries, which broadly have benefited from the falling prices of the fuel domestic consumption, the increase in the remittances from the country of the United States of America, which it has been also the benefit from the falling prices of the fuel and the electricity by the situation of the oil prices and the growth of the tourism.

TWhy Central America grows with the drop in the oil priceshe general projections for that part of the continent differ from the figures projected from other countries in the region. The
experts estimate that the economy will grow 4.2 percent this year.The high expectations that the country of Panama leads according to the International Monetary Fund to grow by 6.3 percent, thanks to its production of goods and services.

Surely the fruits of growth that will see these countries are the result of the well thought out of the strategies and the alliances.From the Chamber ofCommerceIndustries and Agriculture of Panama it has been raised to the implementation of a new concept of tourism, designed to attract “Tourism international conventions” as a way to attract the demand for the services, and take advantage of the oversupply of the hotel complexes and the installed infrastructure in general.

The expectations have grown also motivated by the completion of the expansion of the “Panama Canal” that will strengthen the transit of the worldwide with the equivalent increase in revenue for the country.

The country of Cuba also provide for the region, thanks to the expansion of their tourism after the lifting of sanctions by the country of the United States of America.With these changes in the sociopolitical panorama, Cuba becomes a jewel for the investors interested in obtaining the contracts for the expansion in the infrastructure that the country needs and the modernization in other areas.

Costa Rica is the other factor of the economic growth in Central America, thanks to its consolidation as a tourist power in the region and its intense campaign country brand “Essential Costa Rica”, with the participation of the public and the private sector.According to the agencies in that country, the economic growth will be 4.2 percent, 6 points more than last year.

In the year of 2015 the country of Costa Rica received 2.7 million tourists who entered the country, two (2) thousand 900 (nine hundred) million dollars attracted by the offer of the country as a privileged site for its natural beauty combined with a wide hotel supply and the quality care.Why Central America grows with the drop in the oil prices2

But the country of Costa Rica is not only beauty, the small country has also established itself as a leading exporter of the
technology products and the general manufacturing sector, which grew by 1.30 percent last year.

So far the only weak point of the Costa Rican economy is the agriculture that compared to the previous years recorded a negative growth of 4.11 percent in the year of 2015.

Another growth factor is the marked by the increased remittances.In the case of Guatemala they have increased by 18 (eighteen) percent.This factor has made ​​the country that has the largest continent with an income of six (6) thousand 300 (three hundred) million dollars in the year of 2015 for this concept economy.The figures represents no more and send less than 10 percent of the value of GDP.

El Salvador also joins the list of beneficiaries of the continent with the growth of 2.5 percent expected this year of 2016, according to the figures from the Central Bank of that country.The agency also estimated that the foreign investment increase by 655 (sin hundred fifty five) million dollars and the exports to grow 4.8 percent.

While the growth figures this year of 2016, are due to a temporary situation it is likely that in the coming years thanks to the proper implementation of the economic policies and the sustained investment in the education that have made ​​the governments of these countries continue to prepare its population.

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