The facial recognition technology achieves credibility of the hand of iProov

The prototypes presented throughout the year of 2015 and the actual models already have known that this year of 2016 on the technological advances, we have put us one step of the futuristic films imagined a world dominated by the robots or where everything is revolved around the virtual reality.

Another frequent in this kind of movie scene was the use of the facial recognition of the characters, to access the banks or the offices where the powerful secrets were kept. This year the British startup did iProov a reality and proposes it as a security solution that replaces the passwords.

The iProov has developed a technology that can recognize the facial features and validate the user’s access to the different digital systems, through a simple process. You only need to position the user’s face in front of the camera of a device that has the sensors that identify the features and check the online identity.


The creators of the system iProov, ensure that one of the contributions of the program is that it will detect early the fraudulent accounts. The system is able to recognize when it is logged by placing the photo or the video image. In this case, the iProov income does not approve the accounts and notifies the owner of the online identity.

The facial recognition technology achieves credibility of the hand of iProovVerifier is the name of the patented system that allows that the iProov achieves the fraudulent recognition. As well as the facial features recorded in the system, consider other parameters such as the distance or the natural movements of the account owner. The image is compared with a stored copy online that must meet the requirements to make the start of the session it is done correctly.

The method of the iProov is also supported by the colored lights to assess and verify the user’s identity, once the face is positioned in front of the camera, the screen is illuminated with lights of different colors that allow the software to evaluate the parameters as the distance, the movement, the shape of the face and all encompassing light spectrum.

The iProov relies on the strength of this idea, as it provides a solution to the problems of the biometric security is that once the data is recorded in the system, and can be used an infinite number of times.

In principle several companies ruled the contribution of the iProov regarding the online security, however, as they stated their managers, none has managed to evade the system parameters and rather have enhanced the recognition technology developed by the iProov in various fairs and salons of technology.

The iProov has made ​​a breakthrough, but other companies like the Apple Company, the Facebook Company and the Google Company have also taken some steps towards this technology.

The year of 2015 the company acquired the startup cupertino born in Zurich, Faceshift, known for working with the technology for the game development and the film effects, which generated many rumors about the Apple Company intentions.

The facial recognition technology achieves credibility of the hand of iProov2The Faceshift has innovated in creating the 3D experiences such as the video games or the animated films. The players have the chance to see their expressions reflected in real time in a fantasy character through the facial recognition software. On their website using a realistic orc and the human expressions, so it is a valuable tool for many film productions. Its technology was also used for the production of the latest Star Wars movie.

The Apple Company last year also acquired Metaio, a company that specializes in the developing of the augmented reality software. It also acquired Emotient, a company that incorporates a new element, because it uses the technology that can recognize the emotions through the facial expressions.

Before being bought by the Apple Company, they announced a patent for the Emotient collection and labeling of up to 100.000 images per day, which allowed them to get a round of funding eight million dollars (7.3 million euros) in which participates the Intel Capital Company.

The company was put in the spotlight of the sector after its effectiveness in helping various brands and advertisers to improve their sales strategy towards the consumers quantifying the emotional response of each person when they see an ad, for example, knew what is that helps create the better strategies to market the products.

Currently, the preference for the facial recognition systems over others that are also developing (such as the retinal scanners or the advanced fingerprint sensors) remains a subject to debate, since there is still the suspicion about whether there will be as secure as the passwords to protect the computer security.

The duality is that although not to trust any predecessor for the passwords, nor want to continue to use it as a backup safety.

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