The new life of the two queens of Miss Universe

What for some was the most unforgivable mistake in the history of the Miss Universe, for the Colombian Ariadna Gutiérrez was the most important change in her life and what led her to be a typical and inadvertent first finalist of the world’s largest beauty to be the “other Queen” and occupy even the same press movement that the Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo, who eventually was crowned Miss Universe 2015, the controversial night of 20th of December of that year.

But nearly a month after the coronation, what has become of the lives of these two (2) girls?

The winners of the night turned to see almost a month after the coronation precisely on the Today Show, the talk show of causing chaos by Steve Harvey, where they talked about the event that changed the life of the three (3) in the art world.

3In a part of the conversation released by the presenter in his Twitter account, we observe an afflicted and contrite Harvey, who assured Ariadna Gutiérrez “you were just that person you want to talk” in a dialogue that turned to became friendly and warm.

The program was titled “Miss Universe: The Truth” and was broadcast in the country of the United States of America in two (2) installments, 18 (eighteen) and 19 (nineteen) of January with Gutierrez and Alonzo respectively.

During the conversation the Colombian model told Harvey “you must learn to read the cards, because there was written in it” while the presenter expressed his regret for the embarrassing moment that he made live. “What happens is that you wanted me to win,” added Miss Colombia with the laughter from Steve Harvey.

During the meeting, Gutierrez also poked details of all the opportunities she found in this new facet: the advertising contracts she has signed in the city of Chicago, its magazine covers in the country of Mexico, her native country of Colombia and the rumors of conversation with the Victoria’s Secret Company.

“I did not give any interviews until I could talk to
the two (2) people who were most affected, Pia and Ariadne.
 No matter what has been for me, I cannot imagine what it meant for these women. This finally gives me the opportunity to a moment of closure”, the animator confessed himself in the interview.

The Philippine meanwhile, Pia Alonzo then provided a summary of her busy schedule that is from being a winner and receive a valuable prize of $ 250.000. She said the first day she had dedicated to the intense media tour and how she has enjoyed her working life in the Big Apple (the city of New York), where she has her new residence.

In the many interviews she have attended, Pia, not surprisingly, has been interrogated about her eventful coronation and has responded by saying she does not feel guilty about what happened that night in the city of Las Vegas and resulted in ridicule and criticism of all kinds for the organization. “It was not my fault and why not think I have to worry about something, the judges made ​​a decision (…) and can only be one queen,” she said.4

Alonzo also said that the media and the audience must overcome the mistake of the evening of December 20th, turn the page and look at the work that can develop from her position of Miss Universe. Pia also confessed that she never thought the live mistake from the presenter had been a joke and believed that it was just a human error.

Harvey became the last Miss Universe global trend after announcing wrong Miss Colombia for winner , when in fact the winner of the night was Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo, however, the host took a few minutes from the stage and corrected his mistake .

The famous incident happened just the year in which the tycoon and politician, Donald Trump, sold the rights of the Miss Universe Company to the WME / IMG Company, which are now responsible for producing the event and all the related media, as Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

The contest was traded for the WME / IMG Company, a company dedicated to the production of shows, following the acquisition of Mark Shapiro, head of the enterprise content, said: “Having worked closely with the Organization of Miss Universe in the past, we understand the incredible potential of the event and the high quality of the participants. The global reach it has and the opportunities for its content, makes this a strong and strategic addition to our portfolio “.

In due to the course and following the scandal, Donald Trump, also gave his opinion and argued that during his administration a disaster like this never happened when he was questioned about a solution to a dispute like that, the irreverent Trump replied that he had turned giving a crown to each involved.

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