Renounce to inheritances: a new trend

We all know what money means these days. Money has become the green card for everything, being able to be traded for almost anything. For many, money is the reason of their lives, the reason why they live the way they live, what they work in the company they work in, etc. For these people, money is more of a goal than a tool. The important thing is not accumulating big amounts of money; the treat comes when you realize what you can get with that money.

Nowadays money business turns out to be a vicious circle if you do not get the grasp of it. You get in the middle of the consuming void of focusing just on making money but not for accomplish your dreams or goals, but to buy things the society tells you to acquire. People can get lost in this circle and work to buy and buy to belong and belong to please people you probably do not care much about. Either you get your money from your own work or anything like that, you can do whatever you want with it but think very consciously what money can really get you and start spending wisely.imagen-11

People tend to get all excited when they get big amounts of money, like when they receive a rise on their monthly salary or they win the lottery or the receive a inheritance. Inheritances are an easy way to get money from your family but you must realize of what that money means. It is not just about being thrill and start spending it right away but to really appreciate the fact that some relative really care for you. That money will likely come from the hard work of a close, or maybe not, relative who decided to leave you part of his or her legacy because that person cared for you and was worried about your future.

Often this part of a person´s life it is not very happy. When someone dies and their family knows that has properties or money to leave, people can show their true colors. Sadly, there are relatives who only appear when that family member dies and claim for a part of the cake, which is hurtful and disrespectful for those closer to person who died. Those moments are not for be happy about what you may receive but what other people lost. The best things people can give you are while they are alive and they usually are shared moments, pictures, hugs, kisses, adventures and love, anything else is a bonus. So if you ever get to receive a inheritance, be thankful to that person and use that money well.

There are some families where inheritances are not good news. Some people, when they write their will, they live properties or such things but the difference is that these properties or money can carry around many debts that will pass to the person they were inherit to. This is why in Spain this has become a trend: to renounce the inheritances worry that they may carry great debt that will surpass the money received.

Actually, the renounces to inheritances increased by 110% since 2007, in order to avoid debts and this is why for a few years, inheritances stopped being great news to the family members, because of the burden they sometimes mean. The processes to renounce inheritances have significantly got higher since 2007, passing from being around 11.047 renounces in that year to 23.228 renounces in 2012, according to the Statistics Information Center of the Notarized General Counsel. This increased has been more obvious in the last two years with a rate increase of 23%.

According to Joan Carles Ollé vice president of the Notarized General Counsel and dean of the Cataluña Notaries School, who declared for ABC, the causes of these renounces must be search in the economical crisis. From some time ago, the news of getting a inheritance stop being a motive for joy and excitement because in some cases they might be loaded with debts. He says that although is still a low percentage of renounces compared with the number of inheritances given in the country, it is very significant they growing number of renounces. However, in other to not lose those properties or money, notaries will able some measurements to not reject the inheritance.kpl

This rejection happens mainly because some of those debts surpass the assets of the inherit goods. However, the vice president of the Notaries General Counsel says that is a shame that a lot of the citizen renounce to the inheritance without really knowing the real value of the debts and all because they do not want to take in what they believe are losses, this is sad because they lose the benefits the inheritance could have.

This is why the vice president emphasizes the fact that it is necessary to consult notaries for them to make a correct individual and free counseling and go deeper, because not everyone knows that there is an option of accepting the inheritance with the condition of having the benefit to inventory.  This option allows the person to respond to the debts just with the goods of the inheritance and not with the individual goods of the person who receive the inheritance. This is a great option because these people do not get affected by the debts the person who died may have left behind.

People may run away when they hear debts or payments, but in these cases everything must be checked to perfection to avoid great problems or the lost of great benefits, just for not wanting to ask or because of the resentment caused by the fact that you may think that all that person left you were debts. You must not think that way, relax and stay calm to see everything with perspective and get good benefits from it, most of the time, the relatives who leave inheritances do it for good.

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