Sales campaign brings more jobs for the Spanish

At list you do not read much news in the day or you do not read news at all, not even on television or Twitter, you must know about the unemployment rate in Spain. This situation has struck Spanish for a couple of years now. This unemployment rate is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed people by the number of active people, people with jobs. By 2015 the unemployment rate was around 22%, a very high number for a country member of the European Union.

Having an educated, experience, young and responsible population doing nothing because there is nothing they can do, it quite a waste of quality productivity. People who have prepared themselves in a university or in the construction world that can provide very useful knowledge to the development of the country and not being able to provide them a job, not just for the development of the country but for their own development, it is something quite frustrating.


Spain has being struggling to solve this problem and now; finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The new sales campaign for 2016 it will bring hope and money to all the citizens wanting desperately to earn what they need in order to keep their quality of life at a good point.

This sales campaign has generated more work contracts and has had a bigger impact in the regions of Cataluña and Madrid. This campaign means 48.500 more contracts and a increase of 12, 9% in comparison to the year that is finishing, 2015, which had around 43.000 contracts to offer, according to the human resources company Randstand.

The sales campaign is no more than the specific time of the year when all the incorporations are focus in commerce. The commerce, in this time of the year, gets a lift by the increase of offers and discounts. In this case, the increase of the volume of the business it is generated in big storehouses and stores, in the textile industry as well as the electronic industry, cosmetics and perfume industry.

This sales season means a much moved economical activity, which generates more jobs in areas such as cosmetics, transport, logistics, textile industry and more. Randstand estimated the generation of around 300.000 contracts in different areas like commerce, hotel industry, logistics and transport. However they have registered the positive variation in the contracts through this year and a good evolution of contracts through Christmas season, which brings a blow of fresh air to Spanish people.

In this case, the different and many stores are demanding for people who can provide a good customer service, shop assistants who can pay attention to the biggest number of clients, flight attendants and promoter for new pop-up campaigns and stores and more. On the other hand, online shopping is getting more and more powerful each year, making logistics and transport a mayor area of business and employment. Their importance comes from the fact that they are the ones who have to deliver the products the customers bought to their homes or work places. If they do not exist, online commerce has no way of continuing its work. Other areas of business that have gained attention have been the cosmetics and textile industry ones, generating even more jobs to people.


The majority of contracts will be signed in some specific regions in Spain: Cataluña, Madrid, the Comunidad Valenciana, Andalucía, La Rioja y Extremadura. The region with more contracts to be signed was Cataluña, with around 10.400 contracts. The second place goes to Madrid with a total of 9.200 contracts and the third spot goes to the Comunidad Valenciana with no less than 7.600 contracts. Andalucía has 5.600 contracts closing the square that has the 67% of expected incorporations during 2015.

This incorporation or reincorporation is done signing temporary contracts or contracts that guarantee jobs for a determined amount of time. This characteristic is ideal for the ones that are seeking for a first job experience, mostly young people, university students, high school graduates and more. These jobs represent and ideal opportunity to start building their resume and begin to acquire experience in the working world and it gives them perspective on what they might be good at and what they might like and not like about these kind of jobs.

On the other hand, it is a great opportunity for those who want and need to reincorporate to the working world. It is a good opportunity for those professionals to get back on track and get used again to the daily routine of work.

This sales season is very much expected by everyone now that winter and Christmas is here. We all know the excitement and worry that we can have when it comes to buying gifts and all we need for Christmas Eve and the end of the year: clothes, food, jewelry, perfumes, deserts, Christmas trees, decoration objects, etc. That is why knowing the calendar for the sales campaign of 2016 is so important and useful. Here we give you the calendar for the sales campaign by regions:

As we may all know, this campaign usually started around the first or seventh of January until mid march but know each store can begin when they see suitable. The government allowed the stores to have the sales campaign for as long as they wanted and not only for two seasons (winter and summer) but they also can have sales campaigns in autumn and spring.  We will give you know the calendar for the main regions of Spain:

Andalucía: January 7th till March 7th.

Canarias: January 7th till March 6th.

Cataluña: January 7th till March 6th.

Comunidad Valenciana: From the first working day after January 6th till the second Saturday of March.

Extremadura: January 7th till March 6th.

Galicia: January 7th till April 7th.

La Rioja: January 7th till March 6th.

Madrid: January 1st till March 31st.

País Vasco: January 7th till March 31st.

We hope this will be helpful for you whether you want to find a job or buy some treats for your friends and family.

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