Technological finance will increase on $ 287,000 million in the year of 2016

The technology industry continues its relentless climb, thanks to the innovative products and the growing need for the humans to be connected, according to a report by The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), organizer of the CES in Las Vegas trade show technology industry to increase sales on its retails at $ 287 000 million in the year of 2016, $ 224,000 million while the sales are going to be higher.

The phones, the televisions, the laptops, the tablets and the desktop computers generate 51% of revenue in the electronics industry, said the same report by the association that brings together 2,200 companies, the small firms and the startups in the sector.

The percentage of the sales will be distributed to which smartphones will remain the dominant category; the sales of 183 million smartphones are expected this year (5% increase over 2015) would generate $ 55,000 million (4% increases). The volume of sales of the TVs and the screens would remain similar to the year of 2015 ($ 19,000 million and 40 million units), partly thanks to the launch of the TVs of ultra high definition with 4K technology, which sold 13 (thirteen) million units (83% more) that would generate $ 10,000 million (65% more).Meanwhile the laptop sales grow just a 2% (two), largely driven by two (2) in one (1) computers (laptop and tablet) that would have a 48% (forty eight) of increase (sales reach 11.7 million units and $ 8,000 million in revenue). While they continue decreasing the tablets: 9% (nine) fall units (60 million) and 12% (twelve) revenue ($ 18,000 million).

The technological finance will increase on $ 287,000 million in the year of 2016

The CTA expects the sales of unmanned aircraft weighing in more than 250 grams reach one million units in the year of 2016, an increase of 145 percent of the total in the year of 2015. The VR equipment with multiple viewers, the lenses and the VR helmets coming to the market in the year of 2016, the CTA expects the sales to reach 1.2 million units. And the 3D printing equipment is expected to sell 179 thousand units this year.

During the unveiled of the year of 2016, prior to the official opening of the show floor of the CES that started this January 6, the association released its latest report on the sales and the technological forecasts for this year, where it said that developments well established as the smartphones, the televisions and the laptops continue to drive global revenues, especially in the United States, and will result in industry growth of one per cent this year.

“While these categories, together with the tablets and the desktop computers, are representing 51 (fifty one) percent of industry revenue of the consumer technology, the catalysts for growth are the most recent innovations, such as the wearable, the virtual reality and the drones” said Gary Shapiro, president and the CEO of the CTA.

The 2016 CES technology fair which opened its doors to the public on Wednesday with exponents companies such as Casio, LG, Samsung, Qualcomm and others showed the reporters the products that will be available soon and others in development. It highlights the large amount of equipment to improve the quality of life, especially on monitoring the health or becoming a new option for treating the chronic ailments even.

The technological finance will increase on $ 287,000 million in the year of 20162

A notable example was the one presented by the Health Box, the first system connected measuring fitness, it controls important factors of health and fitness: sleep, exercise, physical activity and nutrition.Designed and manufactured by HTC and powered by UA Record, is a bracelet for the health control, monitor keystrokes and intelligent scales that are connected integrally with UA Record to provide information that motivates people to improve their health and fitness.

Meanwhile, the Korean giant Samsung announced the launch of its payment services to mobile devices, including wearable Gear S2, in other countries like Australia, Brazil and Singapore, and announced plans for the service that also reaches United States, China and Spain. Additionally, Samsung introduced the new S Tab Pro that features a generous 12-inch screen Super AMOLED technology with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.With this initiative, this time Samsung has included the Windows 10 operating system, instead of the Android operating system, to provide the full experience of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet.Tab Pro for the Galaxy S will be available in February in the United States but have not yet announced what will be its price, and not even when it came to other areas, such as the Spanish or the Latin American.

Other household products such as the thermostats, the lights and the washing machines may experience a sales increase of around 20% (twenty) this year. The increase in sales of these new devices could help offset the weak growth (or stagnation in some sectors) of the already common devices on the market, such as the smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops and TVs.

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