The Apple Company reactivates the expansion in the country of India

After a few months after the country of India is falling to relax the restrictions on the foreign brands that wanted to market its products in the country of the United States of America market, the technology giant Apple requested a permission to open its first exclusive shop.

According to the statements by Amitabh Kant, the secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion of India, the Apple Company has already submitted its proposal to enter with their own Apple Store in the country. Kant also said that it will still have to review and approve these documents, but with many negotiations, Appleapple 2
may reach the country of India.

Since the year of 2013, the company on the block of this movement arose, all for the purpose of engaging in one of the most important Asian markets; since. The Apple Company peeked plans to triple its stores in the country of India in the coming years in order to achieve 200 (two hundred) exclusive shops in the Asian market. The decision will materialize this year of 2016, represents the opening of the Apple Company stores just as in the past had to ally with other companies to make their products have presence in the country. In the recent years, the company has greatly increased its activities in the country of India but the decision to open its own shop is also consistent with its desire to expand massively in the Asian market. In the country of China, for example, it plans to open 40 (forty) new stores throughout the year of 2016.

Previously, the distribution system used by the Apple Company in the country of India is managed by the franchises. The company works with 17 (seventeen) franchises that are operating stores that sell their products exclusively, called the Apple Premium Resellers. But by increasing the number of stores, originated the large retailers who sell their products across the nation, as it seems in the India Times . In the year of 2013, fewer than the 10% (ten) of mobile phones was sold last year. In the country of India it corresponded to the Apple Company and the main problem was precisely the distribution of the products in the country.

Moreover, the forecasts for a drop in the level of sales of the iPhone for the first time in the history of the company founded by Steve Jobs, in contrast to the progress of the smartphone market in the country of India, which in the year of 2015 recorded the highest growth globally. Currently, about 250 (two hundred fifty) million Indians own a mobile terminal, a figure that, according to the estimates, will double by the year of 2018. The country of India will likely surpass the country of the United States of America and it will become the world’s second (2nd) largest market for the smartphones in the year of 2017, according to a research firm Strategy Analytics.

The local segment of the smartphones is dominated by the Samsung Electronics and the Indian brand Micromax. According to the sources in the technology sector, the Apple Company would also be looking at the ground to start manufacturing their smartphones in India as Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer in charge of the production of much of the iPhones, announced it intention to set some of its factories in the Indian country.

United States slowdown

Since last year, the shares of the Apple Company, the company with the highest market value in the world, have fallen 28% (twenty eight). The company operates more than 450 (four hundred fifty) stores in 18 (eighteen) countries, only the Apple Company in the country of China has 25 (twenty five) stores and opening a new one every month. No, but this has not been enough bad to the start trading year of the company, with a low of more than 6% (six) only in the first two (2) sessions of the year, it made the value of the firm now run by Tim Cook collapsed to the 393,000 million.


Some analysts attribute this change in the value of the bad Apple iPhone sales records, the real flagship product of the company. The Smartphone units are accumulated in warehouses, forcing to reduce the share of manufacturing in the first quarter of the year of 2016 to 30% (thirty), according to the Forbes data. In the short term of the Apple Company, the situation does not improve, as analysts suggest that the sales of its smartphone soar not due to the low demand and the high saturation of an increasingly competitive market. They do not help the unattractive figures as the Apple Watch and the iPad, whose sales rather than plummeted 20% (twenty) in the last quarter of the year of 2015.

Still, Apple’s dominance in the sector is indisputable and its size is such that it accounts for 3.3% of the S & P 500, the index of Wall Street where trades and accounts for 7% (seven) of all Selective revenues. Of the 49 (forty nine) brokerage firms, 41 (forty one) of them maintain a positive rating of the shares of Apple. In fact, the market consensus that meets FactSet valued at $ 146.05 shares of the company.

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