The economic approaches in the United States of America campaign

The country of the United States of America is experiencing one of the most important election years at the time, not because of the decisions that may be by the future candidates, but by the candidates to the White House itself, since many of them are considered controversial or unusual.

With the election of Barack Obama, the country of the United States of America experienced a major shift in the politics of this country, since the new president was a man of African descent, foreseeing a family with African origins of the Islam.

Now in the campaigns of the moment, on the one hand she is a woman candidate, Hillary Clinton, seen as a favorite among the Democrats, which would be another change, because for the first time, the American nation would be governed by a woman.On the other hand, on the Republican side, the businessman Donald Trump is regarded as a controversial competitor, who has spoken out against the immigrants, the Latinos and the Muslims, and certain liberal sectors of the nation.

If these two (2) candidates, who are the most outstanding, were put aside and taken into consideration for the Latinos as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, by the Republican wing, you can see how these American elections are one of the most multifaceted of all time.

Although these candidates are known to have different ways of thinking about the social and political situation that must take the American nation, economically has not been taken into account much of the positions of each candidate.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama’s liberalism, led by Hilary Clinton, and the new socialist revolution, led by Bernie Sanders, considered the representative of the most left wing of the Democratic debate.

Hilary Clinton is considered as the continuation of the political economy of the progress of Barack Obama, and the candidate has made ​​it impossible for the voters to see in it a continuation of the progressive economic policies of the President, that is positioned as one of the most esteemed by the citizens.

This progressive economic approach is to maintain a health system open to the less protected sectors, through reduced health insurance that can be purchased by the low-income families.Raising the minimum wage would help the employees to have a better quality of life, and finally, support for the companies of medium and small type that can achieve developed at the same time as the big American companies.

Although the economic policies of the Democratic candidate are seeking to generate the changes in the most vulnerable population, this is not intended to do with the destruction of the great American entrepreneurs or the imposition of the tax liabilities.

Sanders also wants the American working class to develop, but with the development of the fiscal policy to increase the taxes on the wealthiest sectors of the nation.Thus, to develop the development policies on the working class quickly and concisely.

Sanders criticize the corrupt system of the drug, which is charge of the exorbitant fees for the sale of certain essential products for the patients.The candidate sees the increases of over 100 (one hundred) percent of these irresponsible products, so the look for these companies have reasonable prices.

This idea sounds like progress for some, while for others it is given as a price control system, which attacks the American liberal system.

Leaving aside the pharmaceutical sector alone, the American candidate has stated that the entrepreneurs with great assets, they should charge a reasonable of fee taxes.The candidate is not in favor of the tax cuts for these people; however, he believes that they should be increased, because in the end, these companies with the tax evasion movements end up paying less than the working class and the middle class.At the end are those who have less, those who end up paying more money to the treasury.

The democratic candidates will fight for the interests of the working class and the middle class, but in different ways, a wing does less directly against the big kitchen Accessories capital, while the another wing wants to generate a revolution in the economic system of the nation. All of this, without forgetting the most important of the economic principles of the nation, as would be the free market and the respect for the private property.

The Democratic Party has two (2) positions with similar progress, but with some very salient differences, but the Republicans have many more similarities than differences.Although the differences may have with respect to the position of the illegal immigrants, and how the nation should take a stand on the foreign policy, all the Republican wing has the same approach in the economic area.


From Donald Trump, to Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and the Governor Jeb Bush, believe that the country of the United States of America must maintain its economic system as it is, and that the only changes to be made ​​are against the reforms imposed by Barack Obama.

For all the Republican candidates, the President Barack Obama conducted an extensive damage to the nation, especially to the economic area.According to the applicants, the progressive politics n the field of the social security for the vulnerable classes, what they do is make the middle class have to pay the charges of the poorest, which is not viewed favorably by the Conservatives.

The Republicans have confirmed their desire to eliminate the social security system imposed by Barack Obama, along with several reforms that this took place to give more aid to the poor, through an increased taxation to the not so poor. The various Republican wings are also looking to expand the American liberal system, which is considered by them, as the key to the development of the economy of the nation, and the reason that the authoritarian countries fail to emerge. In the end, for some political and economic analysts, the Republicans in the economic area are not as different as they appear in the presidential campaign.

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