The health of the women

Being a woman may not be an easy task depending on the society in which the culture was born and this has.At the present there are populations in which there is a high impact of still being of one sex or the other, usually the male is the most powerful and the woman should be the one who can sink before them with risking their health.Well, in some societies the women and the girls they are more likely to get AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), either because they do not allow them to protect themselves or because they are sexually abused.womens-health

Most of the socio cultural factors that affect the women in the field of health are related: the unequal power between the men and the women, the low education and the little chance of getting a job, they are only seen as a playback machine that are victims of the physical, the sexual and the emotional violence.It is also possible to include the poverty as a risk factor, since they are more likely to suffer from the malnutrition and the respiratory diseases by the use of the cooking fuels.

However, there are also a key data that deviate from the kind of life they lead to the women according to the society in which they live, but there is also a global data on which reveals that the women tend to live, at least, 4 (four) years longer than the men.Similarly, they note that in the high income countries the main cases of mortality among the adolescents is the transit accident.They also noted that the main causes of the mortality worldwide are the women due to the cardiovascular disease and the breast cancer.

The adolescence

It is one of the most difficult stages that which must pass a woman, because this transition is to stop being a girl to becoming a woman, which means it must face a great physical, social and mental changes.At this time it is vital that the young receive the guidance on everything that is living and what is to come.

As it’s mentioned earlier, the adolescents mortality in developed in the countries is due to the traffic accidents and generally are caused by the inappropriate behavior of the young people, such as the drunk driving or being drugged.In this age they are more prone to the substance abuse that derailed health, whether for the fashion or as an escape to all who are living.

Similarly, the adolescence can attack the young with depressive disorders in most cases that deal with physical complex, teasing others, the carelessness of the parents, etc. Moreover, it comes to the sexual level, which is quite a complex episode in the life of the women, as they are more prone to suffer the violations or the venture into that world at an early age if they have the necessary guidance.

Worldwide, the female is suffering of a higher level of sexually transmitted by the infections, including the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) risk.This is because the product curiosity without the sexual orientation to enter the world without taking the necessary preventive measures or, as mentioned above, are forced and raped.

Another of the serious problems that are facing the women in this stage of life is the unwanted pregnancies, which are also due to the lack of guidance and the protection.Being pregnant at an early age does not only put their lives at risk, but also the baby, because the body is still developing and would be presenting a double growth, the fetus and the body itself.In many cases, the girls that are mothers die in the childbirth because their body does not possess those necessary to support that episode of living conditions.

Another cause of death in the young pregnant women is due to the illegal and the botched, because with the idea of leaving the creature to look for really extreme and dangerous measures that lead directly to the death by abortions.

The common diseases

In the diseases of women there is a common factor that will always repeats such as the cardiovascular problems, the breast cancer, the cervical cancer, among others. If one starts from the childhood and the adolescence, a major disease that attacks the women on the nutrition, because if they are from a population with low income the possibility of not consuming the required nutrients can make them suffer from anemia increases, bleeding, etc.


However, some of the most common diseases in women are degenerative, such as the cancer of the cervix, which is the second (2nd) most frequent cancer in the women worldwide and in most cases is related to the infections of the genitals, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV). Similarly, the breast cancer affects all the women worldwide each year and increases the levels of diagnosis of this disease, which can be prevented or detected early if the women agree to the corresponding studies that are done in the present.

Another disease that usually affects the women in any stage of life is the depression and the anxiety, the first for being a major cause of the female morbidity always related to the suicide. This may be due to the lack of counseling, the social crisis, the economic problems, the interpersonal relationships, anyway. There are many other diseases that affect the women worldwide, but those are usually the most common and to be prevented with greater insistence. Being a woman can be difficult, but not impossible, the idea is always to be careful and be alert to the changes that occur in the body.

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