The increase of the online shopping in the world: The eCommerce

The number of online shoppers has increased substantially in the last century. With the advent of the eCommerce mode of market the consumer habits have been altered in a way that was unprecedented in the past, bringing the consumers to the new markets and the new products to meet their continuing needs in a more easy, safe and accessible way and a further meaning to an opportunity for the companies from large and small organizations to expand their market.

The internets facilities have given a turn to the concept of the globalization too. As today more and more online users can buy the products from their favorite online stores without even leaving their homes and this preference make the virtually purchases to had been increasing in the past recent years, after their adoption by the new online users it was slow in the beginning.

The emergence of the virtual stores opened the door to the much more possibilities of mass consumption internationally by allowing the small businesses and the large corporations offer their products internationally at lower costs than the traditional ones, thus entering the international market, it provided the opportunities for the growth in the emerging business and enabling an endless opportunities for the innovation in an increasingly interconnected world.

In fact, today, the penetration of such sales in the daily life of the humans can see success stories like the one of, whose initial idea was to conceive an online store that will also provide a direct service delivery at your place of residence, an idea that definitely marked a before and after in the online internet sales.

But not in all the sales, today the internet service allows almost everything to its online users, and thus the negotiate had taken advantage of these features to meet even closer to its customers and to provide a better service and a more effectively meet in their needs. It has also considerably reduced the advertising expenditures and optimizes the investment in a much more effective marketing campaign that allows the brands to have more and much better online users.

The eCommerce mode of market is growing and still has tons of unexplored possibilities. The recent studies have shown that almost 70%  (seventy) of the companies entering this market had recorded a considerable increase in the sales and the profits while concluding that they generate a sense of confidence and an effective relationship with the client to be able to meet at first hand and to know their needs for best, as almost any customer who makes a purchase online is a social network that shares their interests and needs with the world, a window of very important information to enhance the business offers and adjust the service the same way depending on the consumer needs, which was very expensive at other times where just or they decided to do a survey of the customers or paid to acquire a service that will establish an approximate profile of the same day today, those times are over.

Clearly the appearance of this methodology sales thinks in problems that did not exist, it forced countries to establish certain regulations that ensure that the purchases by these means were becoming safer to perform and that in more cases it will reduce the scams and the deceptions carried out by the fraudulent sites that carry out operations to steal the personal data, usurping the identities and passed by third parties for their benefit.

2015 was the year of building but also of great scandals in this sector. The numerous cases of bank data theft have forced the businesses and the government agencies to further strengthen the regulations and the strategies to prevent their clients to be victims of these attacks and prevent a market as demanded today as shopping online to see spotted by the security problems and worse that the online customers begin to lose the confidence in this type of transaction.

The ECommerce mode of market was in fact the sector that grew last year by the social networks, which continue to show a rise in the profits as more and more users choose to create a profile on these networks allowing them to share with their friends and the loved ones. This increase just counterbalances the great barriers by an online user of social networks that must go through before becoming an online shopper as it can be an overcome mistrust to these services and understand a little security mechanisms for governing and to regulate this matter.

December is the month of the year for being king of the online shopping, and representing a significant percentage of all purchases made ​​in the United States of America, being a very important financial sector and for companies which has meant that more and more services have to be present in such online stores as there is a widespread belief that “if you’re not online you no longer exist” a phrase that has been popularized by the growing competitiveness of the sector and studies are demonstrating that the organizations that are not in internet are effectively losing each time more significant market shares and that if you do not take the respective actions to start being competitive it will eventually disappear eventually in a world that is increasingly dependent of the internet.

The market for the online shopping is facing another year of innovations and a possible level of service and safety under the increasingly promise to facilitate the access to the products and the services to the online consumers, being a driver of the globalization of the economy by facilitating the international trade without the barriers that previously existed in a world where the Internet was unknown and where the communication facilities and the global interconnection were limited so that the companies today have a big challenge ahead to remain competitive in a market that it will be increasingly more and more demanding.

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