Statistics are strengthened about the results of the Brexit

According to a survey by the British newspaper “The Independent” about the possible triumph of the defenders of the Brexit (the output of United Kingdom of the European Union) in a referendum on June 23th.

The survey, conducted by the firm ORB from the responses over the Internet that 2,000 people, suggests that the supporters
that are leaving the bloc are more mobilized to go to the polls. A 78% of those who argue that prefer that the United Kingdom to leave the European Union say that they will go to vote in the referendum, while the percentage drops to a 66% of the supporters to follow in Europe.

The work emphasizes the generational differences when the The statistics are strengthened about the results of the Brexitposition is on this issue. Seven out of ten young people between 18 and 24 years committed to continue in the European Union, while a 64% of people over a 55 want to leave to join the club of the Twenty – eight.

The British region with greater support to continue in the European Union is Scotland, where a 60% of the population is in favor of joining the European Union, according to the survey of ORB.

An ICM poll also predicted the victory of the Brexit – 48% vs. 43%, with 9% of undefined -, while another YouGov predicted a narrow victory for the supporters to continue in the European Union – 43% before the 42%, with 15% without steady posture -.

The ‘Brexit’ has overshadowed the economic arguments, which are totally adverse to reduce the debate to European immigration control, where Cameron skates. Every day, Johnson and his group insistently repeated that the immigrants are to blame for the thousand ills of the country: the lack of schools and the social housing, the public health overload. Even worse, with the European Union membership of Turkey, they give that the rivals are a threat to the national security.

The lifesaver for Labour permanence are mostly pro – European. But the lack of motivation of the militants is alarming. Hope that in the field of permanence is in mobilizing young voters, the most pro – European

The current leader, Jeremy Corbyn , a known eurosceptic, has reluctantly agreed to defend the permanence, but their share is still minimal. And many militants are tempted to vote for the ‘Brexit’. Around a 26%, according to the polls. The polls also suggest that a 40% of the Labour supporters not know what to vote, or which side is the party leadership.

Labour rows in awe

The statistics are strengthened about the results of the Brexit2The hope in the field of permanence is also in mobilizing the young voters, the most pro – European. All the children under the 25 years, however, do not usually go to vote. It’s time may be different. Many groups have mobilized the social networks asking for the registration on the electoral register, whose term ended on Thursday after an extension of 48 hours by a computer breakdown. In the last week and a half million British were recorded. That record portends a great turnout on June 23th. The Electoral Commission expects around a 80%, well above the 66% of the general elections last year.

As it was agreed at the European summit in the month of February, if the British decided to stay at the club, it would be submitted to the European Commission a series of reforms that must now be voted in the European Parliament. Based on the legislative procedures, the process could be extended to 18 months.

In Westminster, the Eurosceptics feel betrayed. Cameron had promised that the restrictions on the social benefits for the community would be immediate. Indeed, in February the European summit it was agreed that the United Kingdom met all the requirements for applying the limitations to the social assistance to the community workers.

Not only in the United Kingdom but in all the European Union countries demonstrate that the high levels of migration pose a choking to its welfare system that may be restricted from now on to aid the community for four years. At first, totally, then you will access to pay gradually.
Moreover and as the surveys held, which is in the newspaper ‘The Observer’ that is the largest of its kind to be based on the responses from more than 600 economists, it is a boost for the Prime Minister David Cameron , who heads the campaign for Great Britain and that remains in the 28 – member bloc in a referendum on June 23th , despite the opposition from some of the members of his party.

Great Britain’s leading economists are working in the financial district of London and academia believe that the local economy will suffer if Great Britain leaves the European Union , according to a survey.

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