Twitter faces the challenge of raising a solid business model

Recently, the social network Twitter says they arrived in their anniversary. Despite the success it enjoyed in its infancy and its unique contribution to the way we communicate facts in real time, the finance of the microbloggin company bypasses the best.

In the year 2012, Twitter had 138 million users, the same year that the company began trading on the exchange. In the year 2015 the figure reached 320 million followers and thereafter suffered a clear stagnation. Of course this reality was reflected in the value of its shares on the stock market, same as the decreased by 50% less than its value. In the late 2015 the social network of the bird billed 2.218 million representing a 60% of increase over the previous year, despite this, the experts believe that the business model is not clear and it is very likely that a sale occurs of the company.12

The firm market analysis eMarketer predicted that the global advertising revenue of Twitter will be located in 2.610 million in the year 2016, below the 2.950 million previously projected, given the plight of the company to compete with rivals such as Facebook and Google.

To give a new look to the platform, its creator Jack Dorsey inserted some changes to the timeline of the platform consisted to sort the tweets by their relevance and not in chronological order, a model similar to the Facebook and Instagram change.

The social network played a key role as a testimonial and communication tool during the Arab Spring of 2011 and the attacks in the marathon in the United States of America city of Boston in 2013. Among the most tweeted events of the decade include the death of the South African statesman Nelson Mandela in December of 2013.

The embrace of the United States of America President Barack Obama, the First Lady Michelle Obama, commemorating the victory in the presidential elections of 2012 also caused a sensation, as did the debut of the Pope Francisco in Twitter, the first pontiff to have an account in the net.

The best year came in 2014 for the platform during the World Cup. Then the users generated 660 million tweets. Henceforth all went downhill, in 2015 only 440 million messages were recorded and so far 2016 the figure reaches 300 million.

Unfortunately for the social network the young audiences is the most moved away, attracted by the forms of communication that are more visual as Instagram and Snapchat where most of the users are between 18 and 29 years, while on Twitter this market only represents 32% of the users.

How to face the future

Aware of its outlook, the company has taken several actions to make its platform more attractive in what has visual effects and content refers.

Twitter is considering integrating the stickers to place over our photos before sending them to the world of tweets, but that wants to know if the users really would like to have available this new feature.

The company is testing the function Stickers and that has given this feature to some users of the platform. What you are looking for now, is to receive all the possible feedback and based on the opinions of the people to decide whether to finally reach users massively. The interesting thing is that, as announced by Twitter, this feature would allow us to “see how other users around the world have edited the same picture”.

In addition, we send suggestions of photos that the users can edit and tweeting, “to participate in conversations that are being trend and important news”.

One of the fundamental values ​​of the social network has been its respect for freedom of expression and therefore is one of the factors that must go hand in hand with the imminent evolution that requires the company.

13Twitter has emphasized the importance of combating the harassment in the social network, which is developing filters that support this work, but in the right measure and without being as radical as Facebook where any picture with excess skin, it can be censored regardless of the context.

The company also considers it important to make Twitter more and friendlier to the newcomers in the platform. “We are aware that there are still people who think Twitter it is complicated. (…) Our mission is to make it easier for new while we take care of our most dedicated users”, said the vice president of sales of the company in Europe, Bruce Daisley.

With this scenario 10 years after its founding, the experts still debate the possibility that the social network could celebrate 10 years and whether it will be able to tailor their benefits to the demands of the new consumers, creating a profitable business model.

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